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KOKES Chapel

At Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School, we know that praying, worshipping, and the study of God’s word in community helps us know how much we are loved by God. Worship is also central to the identity of the Episcopal Church. It is from a place of common worship that we then respond to God’s call to love.

We begin each week with a Godly Play Bible story to experience, study, and talk about important moments in the story of God’s people. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we have a chapel service in the Chapel of St. Michael (located in the church) that includes singing, dancing, Bible stories, and prayers. The chapel services are led by Father Jason, our pastor (rector), teachers, and staff from KOKES.

Friday wraps up our chapel week with singing chapel. We sing and dance a lot more on Fridays so that songs of God’s love for us carry us through the weekend!

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