Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School

   Where Children Know They are Loved by God

Parent Handbook



Located at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

11093 Bandera Rd.  San Antonio, TX 78250

(210) 688-9171

e-mail address: [email protected]

Web Page:


Head of School: Gail Anderson [email protected]

Administrative Assistant: Donna Russell  [email protected]

Assistant Director: Donna Carmichael [email protected]

Staff Development & Office Assistant: Diana Pfiester [email protected]




We believe that young children should be cared for in a very nurturing, loving, safe, Christian environment.  KOKES is a ministry and outreach of The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.  The foundation of KOKES is a Christian centered service, rooted in the principles of the Episcopal Church. 



The purpose of KOKES is to offer each child, regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, or religious background, many superior educational opportunities.  KOKES provides a well-balanced, developmentally appropriate program of individual, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development.



● Low child-staff ratio

● Qualified / well trained staff

● Positive staff-child interaction and communication

● Developmentally appropriate curriculum

●A healthy, safe environment which provides opportunities for exploration        and learning

● Ongoing, systematic evaluation

● Chapel for PK 3-4 year classes

● Strong educational foundation based on Christian principles




We are now celebrating our second year of service as

Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School (KOKES).

(Located at the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit)


(Previously we served for 26 years at Zion Lutheran Church as

Kids of the Kingdom, Inc. 1989-2015)




Thank you to the many families who have supported our school over the past years and continue to refer others to KOKES!


We also appreciate all of the staff members who have worked diligently to contribute to the excellence of our school.  Special Recognition goes to the following KOKES staff who have contributed significantly for 14 or more years:


Gail Anderson (1989) Donna Russell (1989)

Judy DeSha (1993)

Ashley Moreno (1994)

Donna Carmichael (2000)

Diana Pfiester (2002)




Dear Parents:


          I am delighted that you have chosen Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School (KOKES) as your child's school this year.  We opened our doors last year on October 5, 2015.  It has been such a joy to work with Rector Jason Roberts and the many Holy Spirit volunteers who have made our new school such a success.  Our staff has also worked very hard in establishing the school and I thank God for them every day.  I hope that you will also pray for our staff this year. Everyone is really enjoying our new “little cottages”, and we invite you to join us for a cup of coffee or tea in the KOKES Kaffe any time!

     Now that we are officially KOKES we are changing our school colors from navy and white to red and white.  These are also the church colors for The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.   We will have new tote bags and t-shirts for sale in the Welcome Center.

     Last year with your support of the school fund-raisers and through the Kingdom Campaign we were able to purchase our beautiful red sun shade for the PK Playground.  This year we will raise money for a sun shade for the toddler playground.  Upon registration you will receive a letter with more information about the Kingdom Campaign.

     I look forward to getting to know you and your children this year.  My door is always open, so please feel free to express your thoughts and concerns to me.  I will always try to listen and will seek the Lord's wisdom as we solve problems together.  I will also keep you informed through my monthly newsletters. I will send a paper copy home in your child’s folder each month and I will also post it on our website at  I pray that you and your child will be blessed by being a part of this great early learning adventure this year.


Serving His Children,

Gail Anderson

Head of School



Now there was room for the blind and crippled to get in. They came to Jesus and he healed them. When the religious leaders saw the outrageous things he was doing, and heard all the children running and shouting through the Temple, “Hosanna to David’s Son!” they were up in arms and took him to task. “Do you hear what these children are saying?”

Jesus said, “Yes, I hear them. And haven’t you read in God’s Word, ‘From the mouths of children and babies I’ll furnish a place of praise’?”


 The Gospel of Matthew 21:14-16 as translated in to The Message, a Bible paraphrase,

                               By Eugene Peterson


I am thankful for the opportunity to write a word of welcome to the Kids of the Kingdom Episcopal School (KOKES) and the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit Community. Since its beginnings in 1981, the Holy Spirit community has eagerly awaited the opportunity to serve our community with a school. We have long waited for the day that children would run (supervised and carefully) around this Sacred Space shouting, “Hosanna to David’s Son!” Our worshipping community is excited to welcome you and your child or children into our church family.


God’s hope for our congregation is to Restore all people to unity with God and each other in Christ. And our hope is that each day that your child or children come to this space that they know that they are known and loved by Christ. As part of this being loved, we also hope that everyone who comes to KOKES and Holy Spirit also knows that they are to not only receive this love but to also share it and tell others of Jesus’s love for them.


Thank you for trusting our worshipping community with your most precious gift. We look forward to watching all the children grow, learn, and pray together this year.


In the Family,



The Rev. Jason T. Roberts

Vicar and Rector, Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

210.314.6729 x 101

Fall classes offered, hours, and fees

Part-Time Classes 
  Ages 3-4
Classes Offered
 Registration Fee 
 3 Year PK (T/Th)
 4 Year PK (M/W/F)
 Extended Hours
 $9.00 per hour
(call to reserve)
Must be registered 
$50 per day 
Full-Time Classes

Ages 6 weeks-11 years
Offered Monday-Friday
Classes Offered
 Registration Fee (Non-Refundable)
 Weekly Payments
 6 weeks/Toddler
 1 Year
 2 Years
 3 Years
 4 Years
 After School Class
 After School-6:30

B. Fall financial policies

2.   There is a $20.00 charge for returned checks.  Parents who are behind 1 week in tuition payments will be informed that their child may not attend until their balance is paid in full.  After 3 weeks the child will be dropped from the program.

3.   All fees should be received in the school Welcome Center.  Checks, money orders or credit cards are accepted.  Payments may be mailed directly from your bank.  Payments should not be given to the teacher or put in the child’s folder.  Checks may be dropped in the Gray Box located on the wall by the desk in the Welcome Center. 

            4.   Drop-in fees should be paid on the day that the child drops in.


Part-time Program fees:

            1.  Fees should be paid monthly.

            2.  Fees for the age 3-4 yr. PK classes are determined by taking the total number of weeks in the school (approximately 36 not including holidays) and dividing this total into 9 equal monthly payments (August – April).  There is no payment in May if you paid the August tuition.  Therefore, the payment does not decrease during the months, which have more holidays than others.

            3.  Fees are payable on the 1st of the month.  A $10.00 late fee is assessed for each child after the 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th of each month.

Full-time Program fees:

            1.  Tuition fees will be charged every week. (August – May) There is not a reduction in tuition for the weeks that have holidays.  However, we will be open the week before Christmas, but there is no charge for this week to make up for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays when the school is closed.   (See the school Calendar on the back cover of this Handbook.)

            2.  Fees are payable on Monday. A $10.00 late fee will be assessed for each child after Wednesday of each week.


Our Summer Program will include an Early Learning Program for Infants – age 4 and a Summer Camp Program for ages Kinder - 5th Grade!  We will offer both a part-time program for ages 3- 5th grade and a full-time program.


There is a 10% discount in tuition for each additional child enrolled in the FULL-TIME program.  There are no sibling discounts in the part-time program.  The discount is given on the oldest child’s tuition.  This discount does not apply to drop-in care or extended hours.  Families who are members of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit will receive a 10% discount on their total tuition amount.  (There is no sibling discount included in this total amount.)



KOKES opens at 6:30 a.m. and closes at 6:30 p.m.  Children in the one - four year classes must arrive by 9:00 in order to participate that day.  If there is an emergency or doctor’s appointment please call the school so that we can inform the teacher that you will be arriving late.  There is a 10-minute leeway, so parents arriving after 9:10 must receive a late pass in the Welcome Center.  We find that it is very disruptive to the class if children arrive after the activities have already started for the day. It is also important for the child’s adjustment to the program that they are brought on time.  Parents who are consistently late will be required to have a conference with the Head of School.  Since infants are not all on the same schedule we do not require that they follow this rule. 

Please also be prompt in picking up your children.  An additional late charge of $15.00 will be assessed for each 5-minute period or portion thereof after 2:00 (for the part-time program) and 6:30 (for the full-time program).  The teachers will bring all children to the Welcome Center that have not been picked up by 2:00 or 6:30.  Therefore, late parents should pick up their children in the Welcome Center.  A late fee notice will be sent home the following day in your child’s folder.  



If you decide to withdraw your child from any program please give the office at least one-week notice by e-mail to [email protected]  Parents who drop out without notice are required to pay the tuition for one week.  Please do not ask the teacher to inform the office of your plans.  If you withdraw from the program and decide to return at a later date you must repeat the registration process again at this time.

Open House

There will be an Open House for all parents and children 1-2 weeks before the Fall Program begins. All family members are welcome to attend. This will provide an opportunity for the children to adjust to their new situations before the first day of school. Parents will receive information about this event in the mail and will also receive a phone call from their child’s teacher sometime before school begins.


There will be an Open House for all parents and children 1-2 weeks before the Fall Program begins.  All family members are welcome to attend.  This will provide an opportunity for the children to adjust to their new situations before the first day of school.  Parents will receive information about this event in the mail and will also receive a phone call from their child’s teacher sometime before the child begins school.



Child’s Health Statement Form (White)

All children must have a current Health Statement Form on file in the office before they begin the program.  Children who do not have a health form on file will not be able to attend until the health form is completed.  This form must be signed by a physician.  All immunizations must be kept up to date as specified by the Texas Department of Health or children will be excluded from attendance.  Vision and hearing testing are required for children in the 4-year classes.  You may request a copy of the chart of “Minimum State Regulations for Texas Child Care Facilities” from the Welcome Center. 


Enrollment Information Form (Blue)

This form must be completed before the child attends KOKES.  This is very important because we will not be able to release your child for emergency medical attention if this form is not signed.  It also gives us authorization to release your child to another person(s) of your choice.  Parents are responsible for notifying the school of any changes that occur throughout the year.


Discipline and Guidance Policy (Green)

Please read this policy and sign the bottom of the green form. 



A supply list will be mailed out with the Open House information.  These supplies should be brought to class on the first day of school.  The teacher will notify parents if these supplies need to be replaced throughout the year.  Please make sure that you label everything with your child's name.  Also, please send a change of clothing (including socks and underwear) with your child.  This should be put in a Zip-Lock bag with their name on it and replaced as used or with the change in season.  There are many types of accidents that occur during the day (even with the older children) that require a change of clothing. 



At the time of registration all children in the Infant-4 year classes will receive a KOKES school spirit bag.  Children should bring their bags each day with their communication folder. After School students may bring their backpack.  Also included in the bag are a pillow, pillowcase, and KOKES t-shirt. The infants will receive a pillow when they are promoted to the one year classroom.  The t-shirt is for 3-4-year-old classes only, but we now have a smaller size for the 2-year class if you would like to purchase one.  Part-time 3-4 year olds do not take a nap, so the spirit bag will not include a pillow or pillowcase. 


KOKES will provide each child with a laminated folder at the beginning of the year.  This folder will be used to hold any communication from the teacher and staff.  Teachers will also check the folder daily for any communication from parents.  Also, the folders will protect the child's artwork from getting folded or ripped. Please empty the folder DAILY, read all communication and mark your calendar with important dates! 



Parents will be given a list of the Unit Themes in which the children will participate during the school year.  Teachers will guide the children through the use of various learning centers (dramatic play, blocks, manipulatives, nature/science, library, art and music), which will be focused on these unit themes.  Since most learning is done through "hands on experiences", papers and art projects may not come home every day.  Unit themes are also discussed and explored further during group time.  Special visitors are also invited periodically throughout the year to expand on these themes.  Bible stories are incorporated into the curriculum.


Children in the four-year PK program will also focus on phonetic and number concepts through the use of many games and "hands on experiences".  These concepts will be reinforced through the use of learning centers and during group time. 


Children ages 3 and 4 will participate in a chapel program led by the Head of School.   During this time the children are involved in a 15-minute worship experience, which includes singing, prayer and the presentation and application of Bible truths through stories, puppets and the use of various visual aids.


Children ages 2, 3 and 4 also participate in special classes for Music and Movement.  However, the classroom teacher also incorporates these into the daily curriculum.

The list on page 11 includes the primary resources, which the teachers use in preparing their lesson plans each week: (We also use many other educational resources to supplement where needed.)


Wee Learn Curriculum Guides

            Convention Press

            (Ages infant - four year classes)

            Little People's Workshop - Rainbow Series

            (Age 4 phonics/numbers)

            Handwriting without Tears

            (PK 4)

            Sail Through the Summer Unit Themes

            Developed by Gail Anderson

            Summer Camp Curriculum (Kinder – 5th Grade)

            Developed by Joyce St. John



Parents will also be given a copy of the Manuscript Writing Chart.  Teachers will follow this guide in teaching the children to write.  Please follow this guide also when working with your child.  We teach children to write their name with a capital letter at the beginning followed by all lower case letters.  (For example: John)



Each child enrolled in KOKES during the school year will have a portfolio that will go with the child each year as he/she advances to the next class.  The purpose of the portfolio is to be able to evaluate the progress of the child through various stages of development and to provide continuity in learning from one year to the next.  Each teacher will schedule parent conferences twice during the school year (once in the Fall and once in the Spring) to view the portfolio and to discuss each child's progress.  Parents or teachers may also request conferences at other times of the year if needed.  Please do not use arrival and departure times to visit or conference with the teacher.  It is difficult for the teacher to converse when she is trying to care for a classroom full of children.  Please make an appointment or request a phone call.



Reading to young children on a regular basis is very important.  We have scheduled as well as unscheduled reading times each day in the classroom.  To encourage this activity at home we will provide each child with a reading log on which to record the books that have been read to them at home.  After the log is completed they may return it to their teacher for a small reward and receive a new reading log to complete.   We also encourage reading through various other programs like the Scholastic Book Fair Program and monthly book orders in the 3-4 year classes.  HAPPY READING!!!



A certain day each week will be determined by the PK teachers to provide each child the opportunity to share a special toy, book or other item of interest with the class.  Teachers will try to coordinate this with the Unit Theme or other area of study.  We prefer that the item fit in the KOKES tote bag!  We do request that children not bring toys or items from   home to school on other days. 


If you would like to bring an animal to school to share with your child’s class please let the teacher know at least 2 days in advance.  She will then send a note to all of the parents in the class to inform them of this special classroom visitor. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services requires this notification. This includes all “critters”.


Children enrolled in the 3 and 4 year PK program will participate in monthly special activities to supplement our unit themes.  We invite special speakers and schedule fun activities here at KOKES instead of going on field trips.  The cost of these events is included in the registration fee.



We just received the new KOKES t-shirts and tote bags.  Our new school colors are red and white.  They are available in the Welcome Center for you to purchase.  They are free to new students.  To promote school spirit, we have designated Friday as KOKES T-shirt day for the 3-4 year classes.  (Spirit day is Thursday for the 2-day 3 year PK class.)  KOKES T-shirts are also available in adult sizes.  We also now have some small sizes for the 2-year-old class.



Parents are welcome to observe in their child’s classroom.  Please sign in and receive a visitor pass from the Welcome Center.  Siblings are not allowed to visit in the classroom except during the Open House and Christmas Celebration.  We encourage all guests to keep their visits short and at a minimum.  (About 15 minutes)  One of the purposes of our program is to give children the opportunity to adjust to a school situation away from their parents.  We are not a “Mommy and Me” program.  It is also difficult for the other children if their parent is not able to visit at the same time. 



Parents have the right to breastfeed or provide breastmilk for their infant while in care.  Parents are invited to use the rocking chair in the infant room to breastfeed their baby.


There are many opportunities to volunteer at KOKES!  Please check with your child's teacher to see how you could be of assistance in the classroom.  Volunteers will be needed to help coordinate the classroom parties.  We also request that parents share part of their family culture with the class sometime during the year.  Parents may choose to share a special food, book, craft or anything else that might be part of their family culture.  This could also be centered on the celebration of the child's birthday or another holiday celebration.  Our Music/Movement teacher will need volunteers to help supervise the 3 active learning stations in which the children participate during movement class.  We also need help in coordinating special functions and fund raising events such as school pictures, book fairs, Christmas Celebration, etc.  We would love to have “Spirit Rocker” Volunteers for the infant class!  These are volunteers who would assist the teachers in getting the babies to sleep!  We would also love to have volunteers to read to the children in other classes.  All volunteers must complete a KOKES Application and take a class called Safeguarding God’s Children.  All of our staff are also required to complete this class.  During the Open House we will have sign-up sheets available for these areas of involvement.  If you do not get the opportunity to sign up during Open House please come to the Welcome Center for further information.



It is stated in the Minimum Standards that food brought from home may not be shared with other children.  Food which is brought to the school to share with the class on special occasions must be bought at a store or restaurant approved and inspected by the local health authority.  Oftentimes outbreaks of gastrointestinal illness, including infectious hepatitis, have been linked to eating home prepared food.  The goal of this policy is to protect all children enrolled at our school from food-borne illness.  We appreciate your understanding.



For some children exposure to peanuts/nuts may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction that requires emergency medical treatment.  To reduce the chance of this occurring, we are asking that you not send any peanut or nut containing products to school with your child.  If your child has eaten peanuts/nuts before coming to school, please be sure your child’s hands and face have been thoroughly washed before entering the school. 



There will be six special celebrations during class time each year.  These will include a Make Believe Party (October), Thanksgiving Feast, Christmas Party, Valentine's Party, Easter Party and End of the Year Celebration.  Parents will be contacted as to how they can help with these celebrations.  We do not allow siblings to attend these events.  It is our philosophy that these events should focus on your PK child and it is difficult to do this if you are trying to care for an infant or toddler at the same time.  We also had to consider fire codes and liability in making this decision.  Parents may make arrangements for child-care in the Welcome Center at no charge if they cannot find care elsewhere.  We will also provide 2 evening opportunities for the immediate family to participate together in the classroom.  They are the Open House before school begins and a special Christmas celebration.  We will also have an evening PK 4 Graduation in May.


All full-time parents are required to log-in and log-out daily upon arrival and departure.  Please use the monitor in the Welcome Center.  The teacher will also sign your child in/out when she receives your child and when she releases your child each day in the classroom.  Teachers will sign the part-time children in and out as they receive each child in the drive through at 9:00 a.m. and when they depart at 2:00 p.m.  



The teachers will be happy to cooperate with parents in planning a birthday celebration for each child.  Parents may provide a store bought snack for the class that day.  Some possible suggestions are: ice cream cups or bars, cookies, donut holes, brownies, popcorn or Rice Crispie treats.  Please do not send cupcakes with icing.  (These tend to be very messy.)  See the FOOD FROM HOME section on page 13.  If birthday invitations are brought to class, remember to include every child.  (You may also invite all the boys or all the girls!)  Please do not provide favors or candy for the class celebration.  We would prefer to keep the celebration small so that all children receive the same recognition on their birthday.  Children who attend Chapel will be recognized for their birthday during the Chapel program.  The teacher will recognize children who do not attend Chapel in their own classrooms. 



Children should wear comfortable clothing appropriate for daily activities.  Girls may wear dresses to school, but shorts must be worn underneath.  We recommend tennis shoes since the children will be playing outside when weather permits.  For children who have not yet learned to tie their own shoes we request Velcro fastened tennis shoes over ties.  We especially request that children wear tennis shoes on the days that they are scheduled to participate in Movement classes. Girls are requested to wear pants or shorts on this day.  Flip-flops, dress shoes with high heels, boots and backless shoes are not allowed.  These shoes can be a safety hazard for young children.  We recommend tennis shoes or sandals with backs.  NO CROCKS PLEASE!  Shoes are required once a child enters the one year classroom, since the children are required to go outside on the playground.  Also please remember to send jackets, sweaters, hats and gloves when the weather is cold.  These items need to be labeled with the child's name.  Please check the lost & found box located in the Welcome Center for lost items.  We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Important:  Please send your children in clothing that is easy for them to take off when they go to the bathroom.  Belts, overalls, tight snaps and lots of buttons are difficult for Preschoolers to handle.  Easy on and easy off is the best policy!



Children in the part-time program are not required to take a nap.  For the full-time children, naptime is about 2 hours after lunch.  If a child does not go to sleep after resting for one hour the child is allowed to get up and do a quiet activity at the table or on their mat for the second hour.  KOKES provides sleeping mats, pillows and blankets.  Children 2 and under who have a security blanket/doll may bring it for naptime if needed.  Each child enrolled in the 3-4 year PK program will bring a REGULAR sized beach towel for naptime.  Children enrolled in the one and two year classes will bring a REGULAR sized crib sheet to cover their mat.   Pillowcases, towels and crib sheets are sent home every Friday for the parents to wash.  Please make sure they are returned on Monday.  KOKES will wash the blankets each week.  Additional pillowcases are available in the school office for $5.00.  For sanitary reasons children will not be allowed to use their pillow if it does not have a case.


We will use positive reinforcement!  Children will have their good behavior recognized and encouraged.  If the child's behavior is such that he is harming others, harming the property or distracting others from learning, he/she will be separated from the group for a short period of time and the teacher will talk to the child about his/her behavior.  If this same behavior continues the teacher will talk to the parent about the problem.  Parental support of the teacher's efforts to correct this behavior is extremely important.  If the problem still continues the Head of School will request a conference with the parents and teachers.  We will do everything that we can to work with the situation, but disobedient, disruptive, aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.  If the child is still disrupting the class after counseling with the administrative staff, the child may be sent home for the day, or asked to leave the school.  Please make sure that you sign the Discipline and Guidance Form and return it to the office. (This is the green form.)


1.  Breakfast:

Breakfast will be served to children arriving 7:30-7:50 a.m.  Children arriving after 7:50 may receive breakfast only if the parent is willing to stay with the child until they have finished eating.  You may use the picnic tables located by the Welcome Center.

2.  Snacks:

Snack is served at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

3.  Lunch:

Lunch will be served to all children between 10:45 and 12:00.  Part-time children may bring their lunch if they do not want to participate in the KOKES lunch program.  Please let the teacher know that your child will not be participating in the lunch program.  This is an all or nothing decision.  Part-time children in the 4 year class will be served the pizza lunch on Friday.  (So they may only bring their lunch on Monday and Wednesday.)

4.  Monthly menus will be sent home to all children. KOKES will follow the state nutritional guide in planning our menu. 

5.  Full-time children are not allowed to bring food from home unless they have special dietary needs.  Please indicate this on your child’s medical form under “allergies”. In that case please put a line through the item on the menu that the child is unable to have and send something that day to replace the item.  (For example: Replace protein with protein etc.)

Children are not allowed to enter the classroom upon arrival with food or drink in their hand.



Parents are not permitted to bring their child if they are feverish or show signs of illness.  Teachers will check each child as they are dropped off for signs of illness or injury.  If there is an indication of either, the teacher will direct the parent to the office.  The administrator on duty in the office will check the child and will have the final say as to whether the child will be permitted to attend class on that day.  If a child develops a fever, diarrhea, and any contagious illness or begins vomiting while at school, we will contact the parents and request that the child be picked up immediately.  (The child may return to school 24 hours after the last occurrence without medication.)


The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services Standards for Communicable Diseases for Day Care and Schools states the following:

 Incubation Period
 Early Signs of Illness
 Exclude from Attendance
 Readmission Criteria
Conjunctivitis bacterial and/or viral (pink eye)
 1-3 Days
 Pink eyes, with some discharge or crust on eyelids
 Antibiotic Eye Drops for 24 hrs.
 Allergic Conjunctivitis
 Pink eyes, no discharge
 Watery Stools
 Yes, after 2 occurrences
 24 hours after last watery stool
 24 hours after last occurrence
 101.0 Temperature
 Fever free for 24 hours (without medication)

KOKES Policy for Conjunctivitis: Parents will be notified to pick up a child who has a discharge from the eyes or crust around the eyes or eyelids. The child may not return to the center until Antibiotic Eye Drops have been applied for 24 hrs.  Please do not bring a child to the center with discharge or crusty eyes.

KOKES Policy for Allergic Conjunctivitis: Parents will be notified to seek medical attention if the child has pink eyes without discharge or crust. Parents do not have to pick up the child; however, if discharge or crust develops the child must be picked up immediately.

KOKES Policy for Diarrhea: A child has diarrhea if he/she has watery stools. Bacteria parasites or viruses can cause diarrhea. Parents will be called if a child has 2 watery stools in a row. The child must be picked up and may not be allowed back in the center for at least 24 hours after the last watery stool without medication.

KOKES Policy for Vomiting: Parents will be called to pick up the child after they have vomited once. The child may not return to the center for at least 24 hours after the last time that the child vomited without medication.

KOKES Policy for Fever: Parents will be called to pick up a child with a temperature of 101 degrees or higher. The child may not return to the center for 24 hours after he/she was picked up or until fever free for 24 hours. (Without medication)


Simple first aid will be administered to children for injuries requiring minimal attention.  Minor injuries are recorded on an "ouch report" form that is sent home with the child.  This information will include how and when the accident happened as well as the treatment or attention that was provided.  We will also give you a call to report the injury.  For major injuries or illnesses requiring immediate medical attention by a health care professional we will call 911.  At the same time we will contact the child’s parents or guardian.  If they cannot be reached, an attempt will be made to contact the designated emergency contact person(s).  Parents will receive a Licensing Incident Illness Report Form if this procedure is necessary.  This form must be signed by the parent and returned to the Welcome Center.



If you would like the school to administer a medication to your child, please follow these requirements by the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services.

  1. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST HAVE A LABEL FROM THE PHARMACY OR A NON-PRESCRIPTION DRUG FORM SIGNED BY A PHYSICIAN.  All prescription medications must be in the original container labeled with the child's name, a date, directions and the physician's name.  We cannot give a medication with another child's name printed on the label even if it is a brother or sister.
  2. Medications are administered ONLY at 11:00 and 3:00.  Please take the medication to the Welcome Center to fill out the appropriate form.  If the child will only be taking the medication for one day you will sign the "Daily Medication Form".  If you would like the child to receive the medication for more than a day you will sign the "Long Term Medication Form" or “As Needed Form”.  (One medication per form.)
  3. Please pick up all medications at the end of the prescribed time.  Any medications left after the prescribed time will be thrown away. Expired medications cannot be administered.


We are required to conduct monthly fire drills and severe weather drills three times annually.  We will talk to the children about the loud sound, which is used as a signal in case of a real fire, and about the procedure for evacuating the building when the alarm sounds.  Since some children are afraid of the loud sound we would appreciate any help you can give us in preparing your child for these drills.

In case of an emergency in which the facility would have to be evacuated, KOKES will evacuate to Crossroads Baptist Church at 8300 Tezel Rd. SAT 78254.  The church phone number is 210-681-1911.  The teachers and staff would transport the children in their cars if possible.  (See pages 21-22 for the KOKES Emergency Preparedness Plan and Campus Maps.)


Children will only be released to their parents or to the people listed on the blue Enrollment Information Form.  If parents want someone else to pick up their child other than the people listed on their child's from, please send a note, fill out a form in the Welcome Center or call the Welcome Center for authorization.  At the time of pickup, the Administrator is instructed to view the person's photo ID for verification.  We will contact the police if there is concern about releasing a child into an unsafe situation including a custody issue or other adult who appears to be intoxicated (under the influence of drugs or alcohol).  KOKES is not responsible for your child after a staff member has released them to the parent or another authorized person.  Please do not allow your child to run along the sidewalk adjacent to the playgrounds. 

Please take hold of your child’s hand before leaving the Welcome Center. Our parking lot is very busy and we want to keep our precious ones safe from harm!



(Please refer to the Campus Map on page 22!)

  1. All part-time parents must use the drive-thru by the PK playground for arrival and departure (8:50 and 1:50).  Children should be picked up by 2:00.  KOKES is not responsible for your child until they are signed in by the teacher on the parent sign-in/out sheet and released into the care of a staff member by an adult.  KOKES is not responsible for your child once they have been released to an authorized adult!  Please hold your child’s hand when walking to your car.  There is no Drive-thru in the Summer Program.  Please park and log your child in at the monitor in the Welcome Center.
  2. All full-time parents should enter the campus through the Office/Kaffe entrance.  After you log in (enter your ID code) on the Welcome Center monitor, you will exit to the right if your child is in the Infant-1 year classes and exit to the left for the 2-4 year classes.
  3. When dropping off your child please make the departure as brief as possible.  This makes it much easier for the child to make the separation without tears.
  4. Full-time parents should drop off their younger child first in the morning and pick up their older child first in the afternoon.  We would really appreciate your cooperation in this matter
  5. Some classes will combine in the early morning (6:30-7:30) and in the late evening (4:30-6:30).  Your child’s schedule will indicate their location.
  6. Parents may park in the designated parking lots.
  7. Do not leave children unattended in your car or leave your car running when you are not in the vehicle!  It is against the law!

Please do not use arrival and departure times to visit or conference with the teacher.  It is difficult for the teacher to converse when she is trying to care for a classroom full of children.  All teachers will greet children at the classroom or car door.  We have asked the teachers not to discuss any behavioral issues with parents at this time.  If there is a problem she will call you or write a note in your child’s folder.   If you have a concern, please write a note or call the teacher and she will get back to you as soon as possible.  We want drop-off and pick-up time to be a pleasant experience.  We also ask that you wait until you get home to look at the child’s folder and use that time to discuss the child’s day!   


During the summer months we will limit the playground time if the weather becomes unbearably hot (95-100 degrees).  We will make sure that the children get plenty of water.  Please dress your child warmly in cold weather.  We will go outside if the temperature is above 32 degrees.  We will also take into consideration the wind chill factor.  On cold days we will only take the children out for 10-15 minutes at a time.  If children are not well enough to go outside it is best to keep them home for the day.



Drop off and pick up times are very important for young children.  At these times we feel that children need your full attention.  Therefore we request that parents do not talk on their cell phones when they are dropping off or picking up their children.  



The KOKES playground officially closes at 5:00 p.m., which is our last scheduled playground time of the day.  Parents are not allowed to visit on the playground while their children play.  In the past this had become a safety issue and we want to insure that no one is hurt on our playgrounds.  We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


Biting can sometimes become a daily occurrence in the toddler class.  Parents will be called if another child bites their child and an “ouch report” will be sent home.  The biter’s parents will also be informed.  Teachers receive training on how to deal with this very normal toddler behavior, but it sometimes takes a while to work with the “biter” before their behavior improves.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we work together to keep our precious little ones from harm.



The teachers in the 2-year class will be happy to work with you when you feel that your child is ready for potty training.  It has been our experience that this process is much more successful if only training pants are used, but we are willing to use a pull-up upon your request.   Teachers will provide information to help you with this process.  Please send several complete changes of clothes when potty training.  (Please include socks and shoes.)


In case of emergency weather conditions, parents should listen to local TV and /or radio stations for school closings.  In the event of inclement weather we will follow the decision made by the Northside Independent School District with regard to bad weather closings.  Such school closings will not result in a tuition reduction. 



Parents will be informed in writing of any major policy changes.  Parents will be required to sign the change of policy form and return it to the Welcome Center.




All of our current inspections are posted in the Welcome Center/KOKES Kaffe for you to view.  Please view the bulletin board by the Adult Restroom.  All permits, inspections and postings are also located in the white notebook by the Welcome Center Monitor.  We also have a copy of the Minimum Standard Rules for Licensed Child-Care Centers for you to view in the Welcome Center.  You may access this information on line at  You may also contact the Child-Care Licensing office at 210-337-3399.  The Child Abuse Hotline is 1-800-252-5400.



We love taking pictures of your children for many reasons.  We use them in their portfolios to show how they have grown physically over the year.  We post them inside and outside the classroom.  We make photo albums for the children to enjoy in the classroom and sometimes include them in special art projects. We would also like to post pictures of your children on Facebook and use them in other marketing materials to advertise our school.  This will allow you to see photos more readily as the children participate in special activities with their class.  If you prefer that we not photograph your child or post your child’s picture on social media please indicate that on your child’s enrollment form.



As a result of House Bill 2086 all Child Care Centers are required to distribute information about gang-free zones.  A gang-free zone is a designated area around a specific location where prohibited gang related activity is subject to increased penalty under Texas law.  The gang-free zone is within 1000 feet of our school.  For further information you may request a handout from the school office.


KOKES Emergency Preparedness Plan

(See Campus Map below)

  1.  In case of an emergency in which shelter is needed the KOKES staff will relocate the children to the following designated shelter:

The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit (Sanctuary)    or           Crossroads Baptist Church (Sanctuary)

11093 Bandera Rd.                                                                                            8300 Tezel Rd.

San Antonio, TX 78250                                                                            San Antonio, TX 78254

210-314-6729                                                                                                    210-681-1911

Each teacher will walk her class down the sidewalk, out the gate and down the parking lot to The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.  (Building #1)   Infants & Younger Ones will be transported in the evacuation cribs. A designated teacher in each classroom will take the attendance clipboard.  That teacher will be responsible for checking the attendance record and making sure that each child is accounted for in their class. All personnel will also bring their cell phones to the shelter if possible.  The office personnel will be responsible for transporting the First Aid Kit and Children’s Record Forms (which include emergency contact numbers and authorization for emergency care for each child in care) to the evacuation site.

If we have to evacuate the campus we will transport the children in staff vehicles to Crossroads Baptist Church.  Staff vehicles do not have car seats.  Except for monthly fire drills, all evacuations will be reported to the local authorities. (EMS, Fire, Licensing etc.)  All parents will be notified by the staff as soon as possible.  All children under 24 months of age with limited ability (mental, visual or hearing impaired) will be transported by a specified staff member to the evacuation site.

  1.  In case of emergency where shelter is not needed all children will evacuate to the parking lot adjacent to the school on the curb next to the dumpster.  The attached map indicates routes of evacuation for each class from their classroom to the designated area. 
  2. In case of severe weather or tornado, the children will be taken to The Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit and given directions as needed for their safety.
  3. In the event that an unauthorized person is spotted on the premises all classes will immediately return to their classrooms.  The person who has witnessed the unauthorized person will call the office as soon as she has taken the children inside and locked the door.  The Administrator in the office at that time will then make an announcement to all the classes on the phone intercom.  She will make sure that everyone is in their classrooms and that all of the outside doors are locked. She will call 911.
  4. Procedure for Lock-down:

Lock the doors and turn off the lights.

Make sure all the blinds are closed and cover the door windows.

Tell the children to be very quiet and take them to the severe weather location on the Emergency Evacuation Diagram located by the door in the classroom.

  1. Communication Phone Numbers:

Emergency Medical/Fire Services: 911

Law Enforcement: 210- 207-7273/ Main Disp. 210-227-7201

Child Care Licensing: 210-337-3399

KOKES emergency phone numbers:

KOKES (210-688-9171) or the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit (210-314-6729)

Crossroads Baptist Church (210-681-1911)

Gail Anderson (210-863-5254)      Donna Carmichael (210-273-1523)

Donna Russell (210-422-3768)      Diana Pfiester (210-452-2407)