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 KOKES Newsletter
June-August 2017

Welcome to KOKES Early Learning and Summer Camp!  We are excited to offer 3 new Summer Camp Themes this year.   (Outer Space, Under the Sea and Dinosaurs) Special thanks to Joyce St. John (also a member of Holy Spirit) for writing our Curriculum.  We will continue with our theme based Early Learning Program for our infant – 4 year classes.  The Camp and Early Learning themes are listed on the monthly calendars attached.  Thanks for joining us for this venture!


CHECK LIST (Label Everything!)
___ KOKES Tote Bag (K-5th may bring a small backpack)
___ Beach Towel (age 3-5th grade)
 ___Standard Crib Sheet (ones /twos)
___ Change of Clothes (in zip lock bag)
 ___Large pack of Baby wipes (all classes)
New Students:
___Child’s Health Statement (Requires doctor signature)
 ___Current Shot Record
___ Emergency Information Form (Blue)
___ Discipline Form (Green) 
[email protected]


Ashley Moreno (Lead Teacher)
Francine Steely


Bre Priode (Lead Teacher)
Melanie Moreno
Carrie Ann Nonhof
Victoria Lopez

2 year:

Taleena Jacobsen (Lead Teacher)
Suzie Westall
Priscilla Castellano (Floater)

3 year:
Stella Morris (Lead Teacher)
Mickayla Rutledge
Melinda Tamez (Floater)

3 year:

Angela Ortegon (Lead Teacher)

4 year:

Natalie Rosas (Lead Teacher)

K-5th Grade
Sarahi Rodriguez (Lead Teacher)
Rosa Villela 

Food Service Director:
Sylvia Rodriguez

Head of School:

Gail Anderson

Assistant Director:

Donna Carmichael

Administrative Assistant:

Donna Russell

Staff Development/Office Assistant:

Diana Pfiester 

Please post the attached calendars on your refrigerator or other place of prominence in your home, so that you can be reminded of special events as the summer progresses.  All Calendars and Newsletters are also posted on our Website at  

All classes must drop off and pick up in the classroom.  After parking you will log your child in on the Welcome Center computer and then take your child to the classroom.  In the afternoon, you will follow the same procedure. Drop off your younger child first in the morning and pick up your older child first in the afternoon.  

Our drop-in policy for the summer is available at a daily rate of $50.00.  Just call the Welcome Center to make a reservation and we will let you know if we have room on the day that you need care.  We also have an hourly drop in fee of $9.00 if children in the part-time program need to occasionally extend their hours.
FALL PROGRAM If you have not already registered for fall classes please check in the Welcome Center for possible openings.  The fall program begins on August 14th for the full-time children and on August 28th for the part-time classes.  Please let us know if you need to start any earlier.

● Full-time tuition is due on Monday and a $10.00 late fee is assessed after Wednesday of each week that the payment is late. 
● After your child has attended full-time for 12 months, beginning January, 2017 you are entitled to one-week free tuition without charge. Please notify the Welcome Center of the week you have chosen. 
We will be closed July 3-4.  There are no part-time classes July 3-7.  
● There is a $20.00 charge for all returned checks. 
● Please be prompt in picking up your children.  There is a $15.00 charge for every 5-minute period that you are late in picking up your children.  If you are late you may pick up your children in the Welcome Center and please be prepared to pay the late fee at that time.
● There are no refunds or compensation for missed days.  

The 3 year - 5th grade classes will splash on FRIDAY MORNINGS.  Check the calendar for exact dates.  Please send a towel, underwear and water shoes in their bag.  Children should wear their swimsuit to school that day. However, boys must wear a shirt and girls must wear a shirt and shorts over their suit.  Mark everything with your child’s name!  You may also send sunscreen.  We will set up a few wading pools, a sprinkler and water play tables for lots of fun.

We offer a full food service program and we are a peanut free school.  A monthly menu will be sent home in each child’s folder.  If your child is allergic to an item on the menu please put a line through the item on the menu and provide a substitution.


Please take your child by the hand before leaving the Welcome Center.  We have seen children running out into the parking lot and we want to keep everyone safe.  Please do not leave your car running.  

All parents must log-in and log-out their child each day in the Welcome Center.  

ALL CHILDREN (except infants) MUST BE HERE BY 9:00!  If you arrive after 9:00 you must get a late pass in the Welcome Center.  

…….to Larry Fuller and Alexandria Polanco on the birth of Eli Noah Fuller on April 24, 2017. The proud sister, Amaya, is in Mrs. Stella’s 3-year class.

The 3 year - 5th Grade classes will enjoy a special movie in the morning on Wednesdays.  We will coordinate the movie with the weekly theme and the children will have the opportunity to do a creative project about the movie afterwards.  All movies must be G rated.


We are looking forward to a fantastic summer filled with lots of fun!  Thank you for choosing KOKES for the summer. Your children are our first priority, so please let us know if you have any concerns and we will do our best to find a solution together. 

(Ages 3-5th  Grade)
Thursday, June 8:
To go along with our Summer theme, Fisherman Craig Jacob (one of our KOKES parents) will talk to the children about the sport of fishing. 

Wednesday, June 14: Via Classroom Bus
To go along with our Transportation theme, the children will enjoy a short presentation about bus safety on the Via Bus.  The children will not take a ride on the bus.   

Thursday, June 22: HEB Buddy

To go along with our Happy, Healthy Me theme, the HEB Buddy will visit each of the classrooms to talk about nutrition and good eating habits.

Thursday, June 29: Circus & 4th of July Parade (9:30-10:30)

9:30-9:45 4-year class will put on a Circus performance
9:45-10:00 5+ class will put on a patriotic program
10:00-10:15 Parade (Everyone can dress in their patriotic clothes.)
10:15-10:30 Red and blue Jell-O with whipped cream and cookie snack


Thursday, July 6: Science Experiments

Thursday, July 13: Spikey Mikey, the Magician
9:00-10:00 All classes 3-year and up will meet on the big playground for the magic show.  

Thursday, July 20: Mother Goose (Mrs. Gail) will share her Fabulous Fairy Tales with the 3-4 year classes only.

Thursday, July 27: Fiesta Farms Petting Zoo

The children will enjoy the petting zoo for Farm Week.  

Thursday, August 3: Dino Dig:

Mrs. Donna Carmichael will set up a fun Dinosaur Dig with a few other special activities to go along with our Dinosaur theme.



Walking in their Footsteps:

Tom McCarty, (our Holy Spirit Reader) will talk about the San Antonio Missions


I’m a Botanist:

Fran Campbell, (our Holy Spirit Gardener) will take the children on a walk through the Holy Spirit property to point out various plants.


Journey into Outer Space:

Dr. Charles Anderson, (Gail Anderson’s husband) will talk about Astronomy.

He has his doctorate in Astro Physics.


Our e-mail address is:

[email protected]