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November 2017

November is the month we are reminded to give thanks for all of our special blessings. I am thankful for the fantastic KOKES Administrative Staff! It has been a privilege to work with such talented women who truly love God and serve Him so selflessly through this ministry. Just look at how many years they have dedicated to this ministry:
Donna Russell (1989-2017)
Diana Pfiester (2002-2017)

Thank you for your support of the Butter Braids. We made $1124.55 on the sale of these pastries.
Thank you also for your support of the Catalogue Sale. Just keep watching the big long school bus poster in the Welcome Center as we publish the results. We are hoping to reach our goal of $1800 soon!
On November 29th from 6:00-8:00 all families are invited to eat at Chick-Fil-A! A portion of your dinner will go toward our fund-raiser! (More info will be sent home later.)


November 20-24

November 20-22

November 23-24

Please indicate on the attendance sheet in the Welcome Center if you plan to attend November 20-22.

All classes will have their Thanksgiving Feast on Wednesday, November 15th except for the part-time 3-year class. They will feast on Thursday, November 16th. The Feast Schedule is printed below. Each class will have a sign-up sheet posted for the items needed for the feast. KOKES will provide the turkey sandwiches and corn! Remember that all food must be store bought and prepared. Weather permitting all classes will feast outside at the picnic tables. Parents of 3-4-year classes are invited to attend the feast. However, we find the infant-2-year classes do better if parents do not attend the feast. If you plan to attend, please let the teacher know so that we have prepared enough food.

Feast Schedule:
Thursday, November 16, Part-time PK-3 (Playground Picnic Tables)
12:00 noon

Wednesday, November 15, All other classes

2’s (combined)
Building 4 picnic tables

3’s (combined)
Building 4 picnic tables

Full-time 4’s
Playground picnic tables

Part-time 4’s
Playground picnic tables

If you are planning to attend the Thanksgiving Feast and you have a young child, please call the Welcome Center to reserve a place for childcare. There is no charge for this service. As stated in our Parent Handbook, we do not allow siblings to attend the PK events because of safety and liability issues. It is also our philosophy that these events should focus on the PK children and it is difficult to do this while trying to care for an infant or toddler. However, if your child will stay in a stroller or baby backpack carrier it is ok if they attend the feast. Thanks for your cooperation!

I want to take this opportunity to say how thankful I am for all of our wonderful KOKES staff! We have 26 teachers and staff this year! I see how hard they work each day to prepare and implement their lesson plans. I hope you took time to attend a Parent Conference! In addition, they are required to attend 24 hours of training each year on weekends and some evenings. I also hope that you will remember to pray for them and take the opportunity this month to tell your child’s teachers how much you appreciate them!

Just a reminder concerning treats for school birthday celebrations. As stated in the Parent Handbook, cupcakes are not allowed for celebrations. They are very messy and the icing has too much sugar for some children to handle. The dye in the icing also stains their faces and hands. We would prefer donuts, or donut holes, brownies, rice crispie treats, ice cream bars or cups, popcorn or cookies. Thank you for your cooperation. The teachers have been instructed to send the cupcakes home if they are brought to school. Also remember that all food must be store bought and prepared!

The School Pictures should be delivered to KOKES on November 10th. We will send them home in your child’s folder.

December 7th (6:45-7:45)
All families are invited for a special family Christmas celebration! We are going to celebrate in the Holy Spirit Sanctuary! There will be a short program and then refreshments afterward with a visit from Santa.

We will have a Christmas Gift Basket Auction! More information to come soon!

It is our intention that picking up your child from school should be a very positive and happy time! We would prefer that you greet your child and let them know how glad you are to see them. Therefore, we believe it would be best to wait until you get home to look in your child’s folder and discuss their day with them at this time. Then at that time you can privately discuss any behavioral problems with the child and praise them for their wonderful accomplishments! During pick-up time there are other parents also picking up and it is not appropriate for them to hear what is happening with your child. I am also instructing my teachers to say only positive things when the child is being picked up and to express any concerns either in a phone call to you or a note in the folder. Then if you have any questions you can write a note or call the teacher the next day.

Ms. Fran (our volunteer gardener) from Holy Spirit asked us to have the children decorate a stud that she purchased for Habitat for Humanity. Our 4-year old classes are working on this project and Mrs. Donna will post a picture of the completed project on Facebook. We talked to the children about how we were helping build new homes in San Antonio for families who are unable to afford to buy a house. If you would like to find out more about this opportunity to help, we have some brochures available in the Welcome Center.

This year we will be participating with Holy Spirit in collecting food items for the Good Samaritan Christmas Bags. We will also use this as a teaching tool with the children to teach them to share with others who are less fortunate. Each classroom will be assigned a certain item to bring. Please take note of the ounces listed beside each item. We would like to keep to the quantities listed. Each class may collect as many items as they would like to donate. Last year we helped Holy Spirit collect over 200 bags of food for this worthy cause. Donations are due by November 30th!
Jenny Towne: Packages of Gravy (.87 oz.)
Jen Donahoe: Green Beans (14.4 oz.)
Judy DeSha: Canned Corn (14.4 oz.)
Full-time 3’s: Sweet Potatoes (29.0 oz.)
2’s: Box of Mashed Potatoes (7.75 oz.)
1’s: Box of Stuffing (6.0 oz.)
Infants: Can of Cranberry Sauce (14.0 oz.)


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